The Cultural Impact of Science in the Early Twentieth Century


The Cultural Impact of
Science in the Early
Twentieth Century

Edited by
Robert Bud

Paul Greenhalgh
Frank/ James
Morag Shiach

I g ~ 4UCLPRESS[/desc][img]72239-Being-Modern.webp[/img][bookmark]{“26″: [2,”13 Ludwig Koch’s birdsong on wartime BBC radio: knowledge, citizenship and solace”,314],”20″: [2,”8 Modern by numbers: modern mathematics as a model for literary modernism”,190],”15″: [1,”Section 2: Tensions over science”,114],”14″: [2,”4 T.S. Eliot: modernist literature, disciplines and the systematic pursuit of knowledge”,98],”12″: [2,”2 The cinematic sound of industrial modernity: first notes”,61],”7″: [1,”List of illustrations”,14],”9″: [1,”Being Modern: Introduction”,22],”3″: [1,”Copyright”,5],”27″: [2,”14 ‘More Modern than the Moderns’: performing cultural evolution in the Kibbo Kift Kindred”,332],”33″: [1,”Index”,425],”23″: [2,”11 A Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Ham: wireless, modernity and interwar nuclear physics”,266],”31″: [1,”Epilogue: Science after modernity”,407],”32″: [1,”Select bibliography”,415],”17″: [2,”6 ‘The springtime of science’: modernity and the future and past of science”,151],”22″: [2,”10 Architecture, science and purity”,228],”28″: [2,”15 Organicism and the modern world: from A.N. Whitehead to Wyndham Lewis and D.H. Lawrence”,358],”1″: [1,”Half-Title”,2],”4″: [1,”Foreword”,6],”10″: [1,”Section 1: Science, modernity and culture”,42],”29″: [2,”16 Liquid crystal as chemical form and model of thinking in Alfred Döblin’s modernist science”,378],”11″: [2,”1 Multiple modernisms in concert: the sciences, technology and culture in Vienna around 1900″,44],”21″: [2,”9 Sculpture in the Belle Epoque: mathematics, art and apparitions in school and gallery”,209],”8″: [1,”Contributors”,18],”2″: [1,”Title”,4],”5″: [1,”Acknowledgements”,8],”18″: [2,”7 ‘Come on you demented modernists, let’s hear from you’:r science fans as literary critics in the 1930s”,168],”25″: [1,”Section 4: Life, biology and the organicist metaphor”,312],”6″: [1,”Contents”,10],”34″: [1,”Back-Cover”,440],”0″: [1,”Cover”,1],”19″: [1,”Section 3: Mathematics and physics”,188],”24″: [2,”12 Whose modernism, whose speed? Designing mobility for the future, 1880s–1945″,295],”13″: [2,”3 Woolf’s atom, Eliot’s catalyst and Richardson’s waves of light: science and modernism in 1919″,79],”16″: [2,”5 Modernity and the ambivalent significance of applied science: motors, wireless, telephones and poison gas”,116],”30″: [2,”17 ‘I am attracted to the natural order of things’:r Le Corbusier’s rejection of the machine”,394]