Starting Out With Visual Basic

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TONY GADDIS – KIP IRVINE[/desc][img]72696-2689091_2_addison-wesley-starting-out-with-visual-basic-2012-6th-2014.webp[/img][bookmark]{“125″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-10: Creating the Coin Toss application”,356],”136″: [2,”6.1 Procedures”,386],”98″: [2,”4.9 Introduction to Input Validation”,282],”174″: [2,”8.2 Array Processing Techniques”,514],”203″: [2,”Summary”,615],”270″: [1,”Appendix E: Glossary”,871],”288″: [2,”R”,878],”239″: [3,”TUTORIAL 11-2: Student Picnic application”,722],”45″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-16: Writing Click event handlers for PictureBox controls”,125],”68″: [2,”3.7 Exception Handling”,190],”259″: [3,”TUTORIAL 12-3: Using the Object Browser”,795],”143″: [3,”TUTORIAL 6-5: Sale Price Calculator application”,402],”202″: [3,”TUTORIAL 9-6: Examining an application with a structure”,613],”40″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-14: Examining an application that displays messages in a Label control”,116],”36″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-11: Adding comments to the Directions project code”,109],”245″: [3,”TUTORIAL 11-5: Displaying the Karate Members table in a GridView”,743],”214″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-3: Binding a DataGridView to the SalesStaff table”,649],”175″: [3,”TUTORIAL 8-4: Using parallel arrays”,518],”87″: [3,”TUTORIAL 4-2: Completing an application that uses the If…Then…Else statement”,248],”10″: [3,”TUTORIAL 1-1: Running the Wage Calculator application”,38],”260″: [2,”12.6 Introduction to Inheritance”,797],”284″: [2,”N”,877],”145″: [3,”TUTORIAL 6-6: Practicing the Step Into command”,410],”60″: [2,”3.2 Variables and Data Types”,154],”33″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-8: Adding a Label control for the written directions”,94],”168″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,491],”244″: [2,”11.6 Using Databases”,740],”90″: [2,”4.5 Nested If Statements”,257],”100″: [2,”4.10 Focus on GUI Design: Radio Buttons and Check Boxes”,287],”84″: [2,”4.2 The If…Then Statement”,241],”241″: [3,”TUTORIAL 11-3: Signing up for a Kayak Tour”,733],”179″: [3,”TUTORIAL 8-6: Completing the Seating Chart application”,535],”187″: [3,”TUTORIAL 8-10: Building a List from User Input”,556],”151″: [2,”Key Terms”,422],”141″: [3,”TUTORIAL 6-4: Working with ByVal and ByRef”,398],”107″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,307],”296″: [2,”A”,905],”208″: [2,”10.1 Database Management Systems”,627],”238″: [2,”11.3 Web Server Controls”,720],”96″: [2,”4.8 The Select Case Statement”,276],”289″: [2,”S”,879],”166″: [2,”Key Terms”,486],”235″: [2,”11.1 Programming for the Web”,707],”258″: [2,”12.5 The Object Browser”,795],”75″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-12: Changing a label’s colors”,214],”192″: [1,”Chapter 9 Files, Printing, and Structures”,571],”95″: [3,”TUTORIAL 4-6: Completing a string searching application”,273],”218″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-7: Adding a total to the Insert Karate Payments application”,662],”32″: [2,”2.2 Focus on Problem Solving: Responding to Events”,93],”267″: [1,”Appendix B: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)”,839],”53″: [1,”Chapter 3 Variables and Calculations”,141],”48″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-17: Locating a compile error in design mode”,130],”44″: [2,”2.6 Clickable Images”,125],”93″: [2,”4.7 Comparing, Testing, and Working with Strings”,265],”149″: [3,”TUTORIAL 6-9: Building the Bagel House application”,418],”123″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-9: Creating combo boxes”,352],”99″: [3,”TUTORIAL 4-8: Examining an application that uses TryParse for input validation”,284],”204″: [2,”Key Terms”,615],”77″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-13: Single-stepping through an application’s code at runtime”,216],”210″: [2,”10.3 DataGridView Control”,632],”243″: [3,”TUTORIAL 11-4: Adding a description form to the Kayak Tour application”,739],”67″: [2,”3.6 Class-Level Variables”,189],”5″: [1,”Contents”,9],”242″: [2,”11.5 Applications with Multiple Web Pages”,737],”301″: [2,”F”,913],”269″: [1,”Appendix D: Answers to Checkpoints”,853],”211″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-1: Showing a database table in a DataGridView control”,633],”268″: [1,”Appendix C: Converting Mathematical Expressions to Programming Statements”,851],”251″: [1,”Chapter 12 Classes, Collections, and Inheritance”,763],”106″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,302],”299″: [2,”D”,910],”256″: [2,”12.4 Focus on Problem Solving: Creating the Student Collection Application”,790],”222″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-9: Creating the Karate School Manager startup form”,677],”121″: [2,”5.5 Nested Loops”,347],”92″: [2,”4.6 Logical Operators”,259],”51″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,134],”79″: [2,”Key Terms”,225],”162″: [3,”TUTORIAL 7-5: Building a menu”,472],”306″: [2,”K”,917],”278″: [2,”H”,875],”191″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,566],”50″: [2,”Key Terms”,133],”285″: [2,”O”,877],”157″: [3,”TUTORIAL 7-2: Completing an application that displays modal and modeless forms”,444],”46″: [2,”2.7 Using Visual Studio Help”,127],”59″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-5: Setting access keys, accept, and cancel buttons”,153],”23″: [1,”Chapter 2 Creating Applications with Visual Basic”,73],”188″: [2,”Summary”,559],”309″: [2,”N”,921],”164″: [3,”TUTORIAL 7-6: Building the High Adventure Travel Agency Price Quote application”,479],”85″: [3,”TUTORIAL 4-1: Examining an application that uses the If…Then statement”,244],”225″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-12: Adding the Membership / Find Member function to the Karate School Manager”,682],”215″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-4: Binding individual controls to the SalesStaff table”,651],”17″: [3,”TUTORIAL 1-5: Starting a new Visual Basic project”,55],”22″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,71],”37″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-12: Changing the text colors”,111],”64″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-7: Examining a Simple Calculator application”,181],”249″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,758],”139″: [2,”6.2 Passing Arguments to Procedures”,393],”321″: [1,”Credits”,935],”234″: [1,”Chapter 11 Developing Web Applications”,707],”105″: [2,”Key Terms”,301],”184″: [2,”8.7 Focus on Problem Solving: Building the Demetris Leadership Center Application”,548],”82″: [1,”Chapter 4 Making Decisions”,239],”255″: [2,”12.3 Collections”,783],”127″: [2,”5.9 ToolTips”,359],”109″: [2,”5.1 Input Boxes”,315],”310″: [2,”O”,922],”52″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,136],”34″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-9: Adding the Display Directions button and its Click event handler”,98],”190″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,561],”165″: [2,”Summary”,485],”221″: [2,”10.6 Focus on Problem Solving: Karate School Management Application”,673],”113″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-2: Completing an application that uses the Do While loop”,327],”308″: [2,”M”,919],”153″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,426],”39″: [2,”2.3 Modifying a Control’s Text Property with Code”,115],”110″: [2,”5.2 List Boxes”,317],”209″: [2,”10.2 Database Concepts”,628],”230″: [2,”Summary”,697],”7″: [1,”Chapter 1 Introduction to Programming and Visual Basic”,31],”287″: [2,”Q”,878],”163″: [2,”7.4 Focus on Problem Solving: Building the High Adventure Travel Agency Price Quote Application”,477],”132″: [2,”Key Terms”,370],”69″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-9: Exception Demonstration”,191],”72″: [2,”3.9 The Load Event”,203],”43″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-15: Displaying message boxes”,121],”160″: [3,”TUTORIAL 7-4: Examining an application that uses a module”,458],”83″: [2,”4.1 The Decision Structure”,239],”183″: [2,”8.6 Focus on GUI Design: Anchoring and Docking Controls”,545],”57″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-3: Using the Focus method”,148],”118″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-6: Examining an application that uses the Do Until loop”,338],”94″: [3,”TUTORIAL 4-5: Examining an application that performs string comparisons”,268],”233″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,701],”264″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,813],”131″: [2,”Summary”,369],”266″: [1,”Appendix A: Advanced User Interface Controls and Techniques”,825],”200″: [3,”TUTORIAL 9-5: Adding printing capabilities to the Simple Text Editor application”,605],”257″: [3,”TUTORIAL 12-2: Completing the Student Collection application”,790],”4″: [1,”About the Authors”,26],”8″: [2,”1.1 Computer Systems: Hardware and Software”,32],”2″: [1,”Copyright r”,6],”133″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,370],”158″: [3,”TUTORIAL 7-3: Accessing a control on a different form”,450],”63″: [2,”3.4 Mixing Different Data Types”,173],”66″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-8: Examining the Format Demo application”,187],”112″: [2,”5.3 Introduction to Loops: The Do While Loop”,326],”263″: [2,”Key Terms”,812],”108″: [1,”Chapter 5 Lists and Loops”,315],”320″: [2,”Z”,934],”42″: [2,”2.5 Displaying User Messages”,120],”124″: [2,”5.7 Random Numbers”,354],”232″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,699],”111″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-1: Creating list boxes”,322],”272″: [2,”B”,871],”316″: [2,”U”,931],”14″: [2,”1.4 The Programming Process”,46],”71″: [2,”3.8 Group Boxes”,200],”170″: [2,”8.1 Arrays”,499],”24″: [2,”2.1 Focus on Problem Solving: Building the Directions Application”,73],”70″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-10: Salary Calculator project with exception handling”,194],”35″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-10: Adding the Exit button and its Click event handler”,106],”292″: [2,”V”,881],”171″: [3,”TUTORIAL 8-1: Using an array to hold a list of random lottery numbers”,504],”182″: [3,”TUTORIAL 8-8: Creating the Catch Me game”,542],”167″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,486],”286″: [2,”P”,877],”186″: [2,”8.8 Using Lists to Hold Information (Optional Topic)”,554],”196″: [3,”TUTORIAL 9-3: Examining an application that detects the end of a file”,585],”21″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,67],”101″: [3,”TUTORIAL 4-9: Completing an application with radio buttons and check boxes”,289],”224″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-11: Adding the Membership / Add New Member function to the Karate School Manager”,680],”80″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,226],”228″: [2,”10.8 Creating Your Own Database”,692],”169″: [1,”Chapter 8 Arrays and More”,499],”275″: [2,”E”,874],”29″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-5: Inserting a PictureBox control”,83],”78″: [2,”Summary”,222],”311″: [2,”P”,923],”274″: [2,”D”,873],”140″: [3,”TUTORIAL 6-3: Examining an application that demonstrates passing an argument to a procedure”,395],”18″: [3,”TUTORIAL 1-6: Becoming familiar with the Visual Studio environment”,64],”219″: [2,”10.5 Structured Query Language (SQL)”,663],”61″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-6: Assigning text to a variable”,161],”6″: [1,”Preface”,19],”117″: [2,”5.4 The Do Until and For…Next Loops”,337],”223″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-10: Adding the Membership / List All function to the Karate School Manager”,677],”0″: [1,”Cover”,1],”122″: [2,”5.6 Multicolumn List Boxes, Checked List Boxes, and Combo Boxes”,348],”104″: [2,”Summary”,300],”88″: [2,”4.4 The If…Then…ElseIf Statement”,250],”13″: [3,”TUTORIAL 1-3: Running an application that demonstrates various controls”,42],”54″: [2,”3.1 Gathering Text Input”,141],”273″: [2,”C”,872],”119″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-7: Examining an application that uses the For…Next loop”,342],”283″: [2,”M”,876],”254″: [3,”TUTORIAL 12-1: Creating the Student Data application”,779],”20″: [2,”Key Terms”,67],”279″: [2,”I”,875],”150″: [2,”Summary”,422],”152″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,423],”9″: [2,”1.2 Programs and Programming Languages”,34],”27″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-3: Changing the Label’s font size and style”,80],”176″: [2,”8.3 Procedures and Functions That Work with Arrays”,524],”226″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-13: Adding the Payments / All Members function to the Karate School Manager”,684],”280″: [2,”J”,876],”294″: [2,”X”,881],”189″: [2,”Key Terms”,560],”91″: [3,”TUTORIAL 4-4: Completing an application with a nested If statement”,257],”262″: [2,”Summary”,811],”130″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-12: Building the Vehicle Loan Calculator application”,364],”302″: [2,”G”,915],”41″: [2,”2.4 The AutoSize, BorderStyle, and TextAlign Properties”,118],”194″: [3,”TUTORIAL 9-1: Completing an application that writes data to a file”,576],”201″: [2,”9.4 Structures”,610],”28″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-4: Deleting a control”,82],”181″: [3,”TUTORIAL 8-7: The Timer Demo”,541],”154″: [1,”Chapter 7 Multiple Forms, Modules, and Menus”,433],”120″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-8: Completing an application that uses the For…Next loop”,343],”142″: [2,”6.3 Functions”,401],”248″: [2,”Key Terms”,757],”138″: [3,”TUTORIAL 6-2: Creating and calling procedures”,389],”159″: [2,”7.2 Modules”,455],”313″: [2,”R”,925],”213″: [2,”10.4 Data-Bound Controls”,644],”305″: [2,”J”,917],”56″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-2: Building the Date String application”,145],”15″: [2,”1.5 Visual Studio and Visual Studio Express (the Visual Basic Environment)”,50],”172″: [3,”TUTORIAL 8-2: Using an array to hold a list of names entered by the user”,507],”129″: [2,”5.10 Focus on Program Design and Problem Solving: Building the Vehicle Loan Calculator Application”,361],”49″: [2,”Summary”,132],”193″: [2,”9.1 Using Files”,571],”293″: [2,”W”,881],”304″: [2,”I”,916],”290″: [2,”T”,880],”185″: [3,”TUTORIAL 8-9: Building the Demetris Leadership Center Sales Reporting application”,551],”47″: [2,”2.8 Debugging Your Application”,129],”144″: [2,”6.4 More about Debugging: Stepping Into, Over, and Out of Procedures and Functions”,409],”261″: [3,”TUTORIAL 12-4: Completing an application that uses inheritance”,804],”16″: [3,”TUTORIAL 1-4: Starting Visual Studio and setting up the environment”,51],”246″: [3,”TUTORIAL 11-6: Updating the Karate Members table”,748],”26″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-2: Adding a Label control to the Directions application”,78],”103″: [3,”TUTORIAL 4-10: Building the Health Club Membership Fee Calculator application”,296],”55″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-1: Using a TextBox control”,142],”38″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-13: Setting the FormBorderStyle property and locking the controls in the Directions application”,113],”12″: [2,”1.3 More about Controls and Programming”,41],”314″: [2,”S”,926],”65″: [2,”3.5 Formatting Numbers and Dates”,184],”237″: [3,”TUTORIAL 11-1: Creating the Click application”,715],”73″: [2,”3.10 Focus on Program Design and Problem Solving: Building the Room Charge Calculator Application”,203],”102″: [2,”4.11 Focus on Program Design and Problem Solving: Building the Health Club Membership Fee Calculator Application”,290],”76″: [2,”3.11 More about Debugging: Locating Logic Errors”,216],”276″: [2,”F”,874],”178″: [2,”8.4 Multidimensional Arrays”,531],”126″: [2,”5.8 Simplifying Code with the With…End With Statement”,358],”97″: [3,”TUTORIAL 4-7: Examining Crazy Al’s Sales Commission Calculator application”,279],”303″: [2,”H”,915],”89″: [3,”TUTORIAL 4-3: Completing an application that uses the If…Then…ElseIf statement”,251],”253″: [2,”12.2 Creating a Class”,766],”312″: [2,”Q”,925],”220″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-8: Filtering rows in the SalesStaff table”,671],”212″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-2: Sorting and updating the SalesStaff table”,641],”58″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-4: Changing the tab order”,149],”247″: [2,”Summary”,756],”300″: [2,”E”,912],”319″: [2,”X”,934],”315″: [2,”T”,929],”146″: [3,”TUTORIAL 6-7: Practicing the Step Over command”,411],”114″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-3: Modifying the Do While Demo application to use a posttest loop”,331],”217″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-6: Inserting Karate member payments”,658],”205″: [2,”Review Questions and Exercises”,616],”173″: [3,”TUTORIAL 8-3: Completing an application that uses array elements in a calculation”,510],”271″: [2,”A”,871],”147″: [3,”TUTORIAL 6-8: Practicing the Step Out command”,411],”25″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-1: Beginning the Directions application”,76],”317″: [2,”V”,931],”86″: [2,”4.3 The If…Then…Else Statement”,247],”291″: [2,”U”,881],”252″: [2,”12.1 Classes and Objects”,763],”229″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-14: Creating the Movie database and the Films table”,693],”19″: [2,”Summary”,66],”128″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-11: Adding ToolTips to an application”,360],”155″: [2,”7.1 Multiple Forms”,433],”277″: [2,”G”,874],”137″: [3,”TUTORIAL 6-1: Examining an application with a procedure”,386],”207″: [1,”Chapter 10 Working with Databases”,627],”216″: [3,”TUTORIAL 10-5: Displaying the Karate Members table in a ListBox Control”,655],”265″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,820],”199″: [2,”9.3 The PrintDocument Control”,604],”195″: [3,”TUTORIAL 9-2: Completing an application that reads a file”,581],”297″: [2,”B”,907],”74″: [3,”TUTORIAL 3-11: Beginning the Room Charge Calculator application”,209],”3″: [1,”Acknowledgments”,24],”240″: [2,”11.4 Designing Web Forms”,730],”134″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,376],”135″: [1,”Chapter 6 Procedures and Functions”,385],”307″: [2,”L”,918],”177″: [3,”TUTORIAL 8-5: Examining an application that passes an array to procedures and functions”,526],”31″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-7: Opening an existing project and becoming familiar with the Properties window”,92],”295″: [1,”Index”,905],”318″: [2,”W”,932],”180″: [2,”8.5 Focus on GUI Design: The Enabled Property and the Timer Control”,540],”116″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-5: Examining an application that uses a user-controlled loop”,335],”81″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,232],”148″: [2,”6.5 Focus on Program Design and Problem Solving: Building the Bagel and Coffee Price Calculator Application”,413],”161″: [2,”7.3 Menus”,465],”298″: [2,”C”,907],”1″: [1,”Title Page”,5],”62″: [2,”3.3 Performing Calculations”,166],”156″: [3,”TUTORIAL 7-1: Creating an application with two forms”,441],”231″: [2,”Key Terms”,698],”11″: [3,”TUTORIAL 1-2: Running an application that demonstrates event handlers”,41],”250″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,761],”197″: [2,”9.2 The OpenFileDialog, SaveFileDialog, FontDialog, and ColorDialog Controls”,591],”281″: [2,”K”,876],”236″: [2,”11.2 Creating ASP.NET Applications”,711],”282″: [2,”L”,876],”30″: [3,”TUTORIAL 2-6: Running the application”,87],”198″: [3,”TUTORIAL 9-4: Creating a Simple Text Editor application”,595],”227″: [2,”10.7 Introduction to LINQ”,691],”206″: [2,”Programming Challenges”,622],”115″: [3,”TUTORIAL 5-4: Using a loop to keep a running total”,333]