HTML: Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques, Fifth Edition


YS[/desc][img]72400-HTMLComprehensiveConcepts%205th%20Edition.webp[/img][bookmark]{“460″: [2,”The Document Object Model (DOM)”,519],”624″: [4,”Screen Object”,682],”125″: [3,”To Add Links to Link Targets within a Web Page”,151],”574″: [3,”To Close Notepad and the Browser”,622],”483″: [2,”Creating ScreenTips on the Counseling Services Web Page”,538],”136″: [2,”Make It Right”,162],”359″: [2,”In the Lab”,403],”519″: [2,”Introduction”,573],”570″: [3,”To Enter the Code for the keyPressed() Function”,619],”270″: [3,”To Save, Validate, and Print the HTML File”,310],”419″: [3,”To Add the setTimeout() Method to Create a Recursive Call”,470],”482″: [3,”To Save an HTML File and Test a Web Page”,537],”288″: [3,”Input Controls”,330],”45″: [2,”Defining ning Web Page Structure”,59],”463″: [3,”To Create an HTML Division and Table to Contain a Menu Object”,521],”366″: [2,”JavaScript”,413],”259″: [3,”To Specify Attributes of the Main Frame”,302],”587″: [2,”APPENDIX C: Accessibility Standards and the Web”,648],”505″: [3,”To Enter the

and Tags for the Scrolling Image”,556],”40″: [2,”Elements of a Web Page”,57],”109″: [3,”To Save and Print an HTML File”,130],”245″: [2,”Introduction”,285],”214″: [3,”Creating a Table”,249],”335″: [3,”To Start Notepad and Open an HTML File”,379],”412″: [2,”Inserting a Scrolling Message on a Web Page”,462],”87″: [3,”Overview”,108],”472″: [3,”To Enter Links with a JavaScript Method to Open the Pop-up Windows”,528],”634″: [4,”XML Element and Attribute Rules”,687],”260″: [3,”To End the Frameset”,302],”617″: [4,”Image Object”,678],”425″: [3,”Validating Forms Using Nested if…else Statements”,475],”42″: [3,”Text Elements”,59],”60″: [3,”To View a Web Page in a Browser”,79],”347″: [2,”Adding an Inline Style Sheet”,393],”52″: [3,”To Enter a Paragraph of Text”,66],”81″: [2,”In the Lab”,100],”168″: [3,”To Copy and Paste HTML Code to a New File”,194],”244″: [2,”Objectives”,284],”90″: [3,”Linking to a Web Page in Another Web Site”,113],”607″: [3,”Operators”,670],”84″: [2,”Objectives”,106],”628″: [4,”Regular Expression”,685],”497″: [3,”To Enter the scrollImage() Function”,551],”141″: [2,”Introduction”,169],”627″: [4,”String Object”,684],”589″: [3,”Section 508 Guidelines Examples”,648],”208″: [3,”To Open an Image File in Paint”,243],”453″: [2,”In the Lab”,507],”289″: [3,”HTML Tags Used to Create Forms”,333],”368″: [2,”Adding JavaScript to a Web Page”,415],”491″: [3,”Entering the Tags Containing ScreenTip Text”,546],”533″: [3,”To Correct the Tag Error and Retest the XML Document”,590],”258″: [3,”To Specify Attributes of the Menu Frame”,301],”75″: [3,”To Quit Notepad and a Browser”,96],”192″: [1,”CHAPTER FIVE: Creating an Image Map”,226],”637″: [4,”Entity Declarations”,690],”218″: [3,”To Add a Header and Text to a Table Cell”,252],”499″: [3,”To Enter the restartScroll() Function”,553],”32″: [2,”Make It Right”,48],”386″: [2,”Displaying the Last Modified Document Date”,432],”165″: [3,”To Test Links on a Web Page”,192],”48″: [3,”To Enable Word Wrap in Notepad”,62],”391″: [3,”Using the Location Object and selectedIndex Property to Link to a New URL”,436],”93″: [2,”Creating a Home Page”,116],”619″: [4,”Location Object”,679],”452″: [2,”Make It Right”,506],”123″: [3,”Adding Links within a Web Page”,148],”565″: [3,”Creating the JavaScript User-Defined Functions, findApartment() and keyPressed()”,615],”493″: [3,”To Save an HTML File and Test the Counseling Services Web Page”,548],”435″: [3,”Formatting the Monthly Payment Output as Currency”,488],”204″: [3,”Coding the Map”,240],”159″: [3,”To Create a Horizontal Menu Bar with Text Links”,187],”210″: [3,”To Locate X- and Y-Coordinates of an Image”,245],”455″: [1,”CHAPTER ELEVEN: Using DOM to Enhance Web Pages”,516],”67″: [3,”Other Visual Enhancements”,85],”388″: [2,”Writing a JavaScript User-Defined Function”,433],”326″: [3,”Overview”,367],”545″: [3,”To Finish Creating an XSL Style Sheet”,602],”338″: [3,”To Save, Validate, and View an HTML File”,383],”606″: [3,”Escape Sequences in Strings”,669],”640″: [1,”Index”,694],”364″: [2,”Project — Creating the West Lake Landscaping Web Page”,411],”608″: [4,”Operator Types”,670],”584″: [3,”HTML Tags and Attributes”,634],”243″: [1,”CHAPTER SIX: Using Frames in a Web Site”,284],”255″: [3,”Defining the Frameset Columns and Rows”,299],”51″: [3,”To Enter a Centered Heading”,66],”242″: [2,”Cases and Places”,281],”582″: [1,”Appendices”,634],”15″: [3,”HTML Elements”,34],”525″: [2,”Creating a Well-Formed XML Document”,579],”377″: [3,”To Calculate Milliseconds Between Two Dates Using the getTime() Method”,425],”191″: [2,”Cases and Places”,225],”50″: [2,”Entering Web Page Content”,65],”285″: [2,”Project — Creating Forms on a Web Page”,327],”157″: [3,”To Insert Images in a Table”,185],”579″: [2,”Make It Right”,626],”262″: [2,”Creating the Navigation Menu Page”,304],”235″: [3,”To Quit Notepad and a Browser”,271],”23″: [3,”Web Site Planning”,38],”188″: [2,”Extend Your Knowledge”,219],”550″: [3,”To Close the Notepad Window and the XSL Style Sheet”,605],”246″: [2,”Project — Jana’s Jewels Web Site”,285],”614″: [4,”Document Object”,676],”361″: [1,”CHAPTER NINE: Integrating JavaScript and HTML”,410],”217″: [3,”To Insert an Image to Use as an Image Map”,251],”489″: [3,”Adding Links and Event Handlers to Call the popUp() Function”,544],”444″: [3,”Adding the Date Last Modified”,499],”181″: [3,”To Create the Second and Third Headings That Span Columns”,211],”321″: [2,”Cases and Places”,364],”630″: [2,”APPENDIX F: XML Quick Reference”,686],”593″: [4,”Background and Color Styles”,658],”105″: [3,”To Add an E-Mail Link”,126],”184″: [3,”To Save and Print the HTML File and View and Print the Web Page”,216],”586″: [3,”Browser-Safe Colors”,646],”527″: [3,”Creating the Prolog in an XML Document”,581],”353″: [3,”To Quit Notepad and a Browser”,397],”507″: [3,”To Save an HTML File and Test a Web Page”,556],”350″: [3,”To View and Print Framed Web Pages”,396],”277″: [2,”Apply Your Knowledge”,316],”449″: [2,”Learn It Online”,502],”510″: [2,”Chapter Summary”,558],”405″: [2,”In the Lab”,450],”323″: [2,”Objectives”,366],”461″: [2,”Creating the Vertical Scrolling Menu and Pop-Up Windows”,520],”53″: [3,”Using Lists to Present Content”,68],”73″: [3,”To View HTML Source Code for a Web Page”,93],”416″: [3,”To Create the scrollingMsg() User-Defined Function”,465],”633″: [4,”XML Processing Instructions”,687],”113″: [3,”To Test Links on a Web Page”,133],”153″: [3,”To Start Notepad”,181],”39″: [3,”Overview”,55],”578″: [2,”Extend Your Knowledge”,625],”85″: [2,”Introduction”,107],”307″: [3,”Adding Submit and Reset Buttons”,348],”508″: [3,”To Test and Validate the Lake Michigan Community College Web Pages”,558],”7″: [2,”Objectives”,26],”629″: [3,”Global Functions”,685],”69″: [3,”To Add a Horizontal Rule”,88],”132″: [2,”Chapter Summary”,158],”514″: [2,”Make It Right”,563],”160″: [3,”To Add Text to a Table Cell”,188],”83″: [1,”CHAPTER THREE: Creating Web Pages with Links, Images, and Formatted Text”,106],”183″: [3,”To Span the Main Heading Across All Columns”,215],”70″: [3,”To Refresh the View in a Browser”,88],”333″: [2,”Adding Style Sheets to the Karen Stofcich Financisl Site”,377],”622″: [4,”Number Object”,681],”94″: [3,”To Start Notepad”,116],”609″: [4,”Order of Precedence”,671],”382″: [3,”To Enter the End Comment and Tags”,429],”257″: [3,”Specifying Attributes of the Menu and Main Frame”,300],”4″: [1,”Preface”,14],”597″: [4,”Margin and Padding Styles”,662],”546″: [3,”To Save an XSL Style Sheet”,603],”8″: [2,”Introduction”,27],”2″: [1,”Copyright”,3],”133″: [2,”Learn It Online”,159],”158″: [3,”Creating a Horizontal Menu Bar with Text Links”,186],”381″: [3,”Completing the JavaScript Section”,429],”174″: [2,”Adding Cellspacing, Cellpadding, and a Caption”,201],”556″: [3,”To Enter Code to Bind XML Elements to an HTML Table Header”,609],”485″: [3,”Creating the popUp() User-Defined Function”,539],”521″: [3,”Overview”,575],”57″: [3,”To Save an HTML File”,73],”551″: [2,”Using an HTML Table with Paging to Display XML Data”,605],”251″: [3,”Defining Frame Attributes”,291],”495″: [3,”To Open an Existing HTML File in Notepad”,550],”171″: [3,”To Save and Print the HTML File”,199],”373″: [3,”Extracting the Current System Date”,420],”124″: [3,”To Set Link Targets”,150],”418″: [3,”To Enter an if Statement”,469],”111″: [3,”To Validate a Web Page”,131],”316″: [2,”Learn It Online”,356],”14″: [2,”What Is Hypertext Markup Language?”,33],”564″: [3,”To Enter the

Element”,615],”179″: [2,”Spanning Rows and Columns”,206],”296″: [3,”Adding Text Boxes”,339],”427″: [3,”Completing the Validation and Adding the Event Handler”,480],”264″: [3,”To Add Links with Targets to the Menu Page”,305],”292″: [3,”To Start Notepad and Open an HTML File”,335],”558″: [3,”To Save the HTML File and Test the Web Page”,611],”365″: [3,”Overview”,412],”269″: [3,”To Create the Home Page”,309],”167″: [2,”Creating a Second Web Page”,193],”186″: [2,”Learn It Online”,217],”21″: [2,”Tools for Creating HTML Documents”,36],”478″: [3,”To Create an Image Object”,533],”588″: [3,”Making the Web Accessible”,648],”538″: [3,”To Test an XML Document Formatted Using an External CSS”,596],”163″: [3,”To Validate a Web Page”,191],”275″: [2,”Chapter Summary”,315],”528″: [3,”To Enter the Prolog in an XML Document”,584],”585″: [2,”APPENDIX B: Browser-Safe Color Palette”,646],”311″: [3,”To Save the HTML File”,353],”140″: [2,”Objectives”,168],”436″: [3,”To Enter the dollarFormat() Function”,490],”6″: [1,”CHAPTER ONE: Introduction to HTML”,26],”117″: [3,”Formatting Text”,139],”553″: [3,”To Enter Code to Link an XML Document with an HTML Web Page”,607],”591″: [2,”APPENDIX D: CSS Properties and Values”,658],”104″: [3,”Adding an E-Mail Link”,125],”13″: [3,”Web Browsers”,32],”129″: [3,”To Save and Print the HTML File”,155],”119″: [3,”Adding an Image with Wrapped Text”,142],”283″: [2,”Objectives”,326],”172″: [3,”To Validate, View, and Print the Web Page Using the Browser”,200],”150″: [3,”Coding the Table”,179],”152″: [2,”Creating a Home Page with a Borderless Table”,181],”9″: [2,”What Is the Internet?”,27],”567″: [3,”Searching the Recordset Values and Outputting Results”,616],”422″: [3,”To Enter the onload Event Handler to Call the scrollingMsg() Function”,472],”342″: [3,”To Create an External Style Sheet”,387],”294″: [3,”To Create a Form and Identify the Form Process”,337],”437″: [3,”To Enter an if…else Statement and while Loop to Extract the Dollar Portion of the Output and Insert Commas”,493],”189″: [2,”Make It Right”,220],”383″: [3,”Saving the HTML File and Testing the Web Page”,430],”130″: [3,”To Validate, View, and Test a Web Page”,156],”407″: [1,”CHAPTER TEN: Creating Pop-Up Windows, Adding Scrolling Messages, and Validating Forms”,458],”494″: [2,”Adding a Scrolling Image to the Academic Assistance Web Page”,549],”194″: [2,”Introduction”,227],”201″: [3,”Selecting Images”,236],”469″: [3,”Creating the Functions to Open the Blood Drive and Mission Statement Pop-up Windows”,526],”28″: [2,”Chapter Summary”,46],”154″: [3,”To Enter Initial HTML Tags to Defiene the Web Page Structure”,182],”500″: [3,”Entering the studentLife() Function to the Academic Assistance Web Page”,553],”142″: [2,”Project — Statewide Realty Web site”,169],”232″: [3,”To Save and Print the HTML File”,268],”77″: [2,”Learn It Online”,96],”213″: [3,”To Start Notepad and Enter Initial HTML Tags”,248],”399″: [3,”To Quit Notepad and a Browser”,444],”56″: [3,”Saving and Organizing HTML Files”,72],”340″: [2,”Adding an External Style Sheet”,385],”49″: [3,”To Define the Web Page Structure Using HTML Tags”,63],”623″: [4,”Function Object”,682],”539″: [2,”Formatting an XML Document Using an XSL Style Sheet”,596],”308″: [3,”To Add Submit and Reset Buttons”,349],”443″: [3,”To Add the Event Handler to Call the popupAd()Function”,499],”378″: [3,”To Convert Milliseconds to Days and Round Up Using the ceil() Method”,426],”144″: [2,”Creating Web Pages with Tables”,172],”438″: [3,”To Reconstruct the Formatted Output and Return the Formatted Value”,494],”299″: [3,”To Add Check Boxes”,341],”26″: [3,”Web Site Testing”,43],”103″: [3,”To Add a Text Link to Another Web Page within the Same Web Site”,125],”535″: [3,”To Create an External Style Sheet Using CSS”,594],”411″: [3,”Overview”,461],”38″: [2,”Project — Community Food Drive Web Page”,55],”336″: [3,”Setting the Paragraph Style, Link Style, and Link Hover Style”,380],”504″: [3,”Entering an Image Object for the Scrolling Image Using the

and Tags”,555],”562″: [3,”Adding the and