HTML 4 for Dummies–For Dummies; 5th Ed.


Includes a 6-page,
full color tear-out
cheat sheet

Tyee[/desc][img]72396-wiley-html-4-for-dummies.webp[/img][bookmark]{“125″: [4,”Setting the image border”,0],”136″: [3,”CSS Structure and Syntax”,0],”98″: [3,”Controlling Text Blocks”,0],”174″: [4,”Padding and spacing”,0],”203″: [4,”Arrays”,0],”270″: [3,”Go Easy on the Graphics, Bells, Whistles, and Hungry Dinosaurs”,0],”288″: [3,”Check Your Site, and Then Check It Again!”,0],”239″: [3,”Using a Template for Presenting Your Auction Item”,0],”45″: [4,”Part VII: Appendixes”,0],”68″: [4,”Step 2: Writing some HTML”,0],”259″: [3,”Link Checkers”,0],”143″: [3,”Understanding the Cascade”,0],”202″: [4,”Functions”,0],”40″: [4,”Part II: Formatting Web Pages with (X)HTML”,0],”36″: [3,”How to Use This Book”,0],”245″: [4,”The style sheet”,0],”214″: [4,”Input tags”,0],”175″: [4,”Shifting alignment”,0],”87″: [4,”The element”,0],”10″: [2,”Part III: Taking Precise Control Over Web Pages”,0],”260″: [4,”Web Link Validator: The champ”,0],”284″: [3,”Keep Your Perishables Fresh!”,0],”145″: [4,”Developing specific styles”,0],”60″: [4,”Entities”,0],”33″: [2,”Index”,0],”168″: [4,”Drafting the table”,0],”244″: [4,”The contact page”,0],”90″: [4,”Giving your page a title”,0],”100″: [4,”Preformatted text”,0],”84″: [3,”Labeling Your (X)HTML Document”,0],”241″: [3,”Basic Elements of a Company’s Web Site”,0],”179″: [3,”Populating Table Cells”,0],”187″: [3,”Marvelous Miscellany”,0],”151″: [3,”Color Values”,0],”141″: [4,”Internal style sheets”,0],”107″: [4,”Nesting lists”,0],”296″: [1,”Part VII: Appendixes”,0],”208″: [3,”References and Resources”,0],”238″: [3,”Presentation Issues to Consider”,0],”96″: [4,”Paragraphs”,0],”289″: [4,”Look for trouble in all the right places”,0],”166″: [3,”Sketching Your Table”,0],”235″: [4,”Your home page”,0],”258″: [4,”Professional contenders”,0],”75″: [4,”Building solid navigation”,0],”192″: [4,”Solicit and verify user input”,0],”95″: [3,”Formatting Text”,0],”218″: [4,”Sending data by e-mail”,0],”32″: [2,”Appendix C: Glossary”,0],”267″: [3,”Concentrate on Content”,0],”53″: [4,”Web servers”,0],”48″: [1,”Part I: Getting To Know (X)HTML”,0],”44″: [4,”Part VI: The Part of Tens”,0],”93″: [3,”Creating the (X)HTML Document Body”,0],”149″: [4,”Paged media styles”,0],”123″: [4,”Adding alternative text”,0],”99″: [4,”Block quotes”,0],”204″: [4,”Objects”,0],”77″: [3,”Hosting Your Web Site”,0],”210″: [4,”Searches”,0],”243″: [4,”The products page”,0],”67″: [4,”Step 1: Planning a simple design”,0],”5″: [2,”Part II: Formatting Web Pages with (X)HTML”,0],”242″: [4,”The home page”,0],”269″: [4,”Structure your documents and your site”,0],”211″: [4,”Data collection”,0],”268″: [4,”Never lose sight of your content”,0],”251″: [3,”Page Markup”,0],”106″: [4,”Definition lists”,0],”256″: [3,”Graphics Tools”,0],”222″: [4,”Image rollovers with JavaScript”,0],”121″: [4,”Location of the image”,0],”92″: [4,”Automatically redirecting users to another page”,0],”51″: [4,”Markup”,0],”79″: [4,”Using a hosting provider”,0],”162″: [4,”Text treatments”,0],”278″: [4,”Think evolution, not revolution”,0],”191″: [4,”Work with browser windows”,0],”50″: [4,”Hypertext”,0],”285″: [4,”Lack of live links — a loathsome legacy”,0],”157″: [4,”Backgrounds”,0],”46″: [3,”Icons Used in This Book”,0],”59″: [4,”Attributes”,0],”23″: [2,”Chapter 18: A Company Site”,0],”188″: [1,”Part IV: Integrating Scripts with HTML”,0],”164″: [3,”What Tables Can Do for You”,0],”85″: [4,”Adding an HTML DOCTYPE declaration”,0],”225″: [4,”HTML and JavaScript”,0],”215″: [4,”Validation”,0],”17″: [2,”Chapter 13: The Nuts and Bolts of JavaScript”,0],”22″: [2,”Chapter 17: The eBay Auction Page”,0],”37″: [3,”Three Presumptuous Assumptions”,0],”64″: [4,”Links and navigation tools”,0],”249″: [4,”Other e-commerce solutions”,0],”139″: [4,”Inheriting styles”,0],”234″: [3,”Page Markup”,0],”105″: [4,”Bulleted lists”,0],”184″: [4,”Nesting tables within tables”,0],”82″: [1,”Part II: Formatting Web Pages with (X)HTML”,0],”255″: [4,”WYSIWYG editors”,0],”127″: [4,”Setting image spacing”,0],”109″: [3,”Marvelous Miscellany”,0],”52″: [4,”Browsers”,0],”34″: [1,”Introduction”,0],”190″: [4,”Arrange content dynamically”,0],”165″: [3,”Table Basics”,0],”221″: [3,”Adding Rollovers to Your Pages”,0],”113″: [3,”Customizing Links”,0],”153″: [4,”Color numbers”,0],”39″: [4,”Part I: Getting to Know (X)HTML”,0],”110″: [3,”Basic Links”,0],”209″: [3,”Uses for Forms”,0],”230″: [1,”Part V: HTML Projects”,0],”7″: [2,”Chapter 5: Text and Lists”,0],”287″: [4,”Make your content mirror your world”,0],”163″: [4,”The catchall font property”,0],”132″: [1,”Part III: Taking Precise Control Over Web Pages”,0],”69″: [4,”Step 3: Saving your page”,0],”72″: [3,”Posting Your Page Online”,0],”43″: [4,”Part V: HTML Projects”,0],”160″: [4,”Sizing”,0],”83″: [3,”Establishing a Document Structure”,0],”183″: [4,”Sanitizing markup”,0],”57″: [4,”Syntax and rules”,0],”118″: [3,”The Role of Images in a Web Page”,0],”94″: [3,”Marvelous Miscellany”,0],”233″: [4,”Component elements”,0],”264″: [4,”Built-in validators”,0],”131″: [3,”Marvelous Miscellany”,0],”266″: [3,”Swiss Army Knives”,0],”200″: [4,”Working with statements”,0],”257″: [4,”Photoshop Elements: The amateur champ”,0],”4″: [2,”Chapter 3: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Page Performance”,0],”8″: [2,”Chapter 6: Linking to Online Resources”,0],”2″: [2,”Chapter 1: The Least You Need to Know about HTML and the Web”,0],”133″: [3,”Advantages of Style Sheets”,0],”158″: [3,”Fonts”,0],”63″: [4,”Images in HTML documents”,0],”66″: [3,”Creating a Page from Scratch”,0],”112″: [4,”Common mistakes”,0],”263″: [4,”W3C validator”,0],”108″: [3,”Text Controls and Annotation”,0],”42″: [4,”Part IV: Integrating Scripts with HTML”,0],”124″: [4,”Specifying image size”,0],”232″: [4,”Audience analysis”,0],”111″: [4,”Link options”,0],”272″: [4,”Build attractive pages”,0],”14″: [2,”Chapter 11: Using Tables for Stunning Pages”,0],”71″: [3,”Editing an Existing Web Page”,0],”170″: [4,”Components”,0],”24″: [2,”Chapter 19: A Product Catalog”,0],”70″: [4,”Step 4: Viewing your page”,0],”35″: [3,”About This Book”,0],”292″: [4,”Schedule site reviews”,0],”171″: [4,”Layout”,0],”182″: [4,”Following the standards”,0],”167″: [4,”Developing layout ideas”,0],”286″: [4,”When old links must linger”,0],”186″: [4,”Adding color to table cells”,0],”196″: [3,”Exploring the JavaScript Language”,0],”21″: [2,”Chapter 16: The About Me Page”,0],”101″: [4,”Line breaks”,0],”224″: [3,”Displaying Dynamic Content on Your Page”,0],”80″: [4,”Getting your own domain”,0],”228″: [3,”Working with Cookies”,0],”169″: [3,”Constructing Basic Tables”,0],”275″: [4,”Avoid browser dependencies”,0],”29″: [2,”Part VII: Appendixes”,0],”78″: [4,”Hosting your own Web site”,0],”274″: [4,”Keep track of those tags”,0],”140″: [3,”Using Different Kinds of Style Sheets”,0],”18″: [2,”Chapter 14: Working with Forms”,0],”219″: [3,”Designing User-Friendly Forms”,0],”61″: [3,”Parts Is Parts: What Web Pages Are Made Of”,0],”6″: [2,”Chapter 4: Creating (X)HTML Document Structure”,0],”117″: [3,”Marvelous Miscellany”,0],”223″: [4,”Text rollovers with CSS”,0],”0″: [2,”Introduction”,0],”122″: [4,”Using the element”,0],”104″: [4,”Numbered lists”,0],”88″: [4,”Adding the XHTML namespace”,0],”13″: [2,”Chapter 10: Getting Creative with Colors and Fonts”,0],”54″: [3,”Anatomy of a URL”,0],”273″: [3,”Create Well-Formulated HTML and Test”,0],”119″: [3,”Creating Web-Friendly Images”,0],”283″: [4,”Master text mechanics”,0],”254″: [4,”Helper editors”,0],”20″: [2,”Part V: HTML Projects”,0],”279″: [4,”Beating the two-dimensional text trap”,0],”150″: [3,”Marvelous Miscellany”,0],”152″: [4,”Color names”,0],”9″: [2,”Chapter 7: Finding and Using Images”,0],”27″: [2,”Chapter 21: Ten HTML Do’s and Don’ts”,0],”176″: [3,”Adding Spans”,0],”226″: [4,”JavaScript and DOM”,0],”280″: [4,”Overcome inertia through vigilance”,0],”294″: [4,”Foster feedback”,0],”189″: [3,”What JavaScript Can Do for Your Pages”,0],”91″: [4,”Defining metadata”,0],”262″: [3,”HTML Validators”,0],”130″: [4,”Building image maps”,0],”41″: [4,”Part III: Taking Precise Control Over Web Pages”,0],”194″: [3,”Including Scripts in Web Pages”,0],”201″: [4,”Loops”,0],”28″: [2,”Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Exterminate Web Bugs”,0],”181″: [3,”Table-Making Tips”,0],”154″: [3,”Color Definitions”,0],”120″: [3,”Adding an Image to a Web Page”,0],”142″: [4,”External style sheets”,0],”248″: [4,”PayPal”,0],”138″: [4,”Working with style classes”,0],”159″: [4,”Font family”,0],”213″: [4,”Structure”,0],”56″: [4,”HTML and XHTML: What’s the difference?”,0],”15″: [2,”Part IV: Integrating Scripts with HTML”,0],”172″: [4,”Adding borders”,0],”129″: [4,”Triggering links”,0],”49″: [3,”Web Pages in Their Natural Habitat”,0],”193″: [4,”But wait . . . there’s more!”,0],”293″: [3,”Let User Feedback Feed Your Site”,0],”290″: [4,”Cover all the bases with peer reviews”,0],”185″: [4,”Avoiding dense tables”,0],”47″: [3,”Where to Go from Here”,0],”144″: [3,”Managing Layout, Positioning, and Appearance”,0],”261″: [4,”Contenders”,0],”16″: [2,”Chapter 12: Scripting Web Pages”,0],”246″: [3,”Dissecting a Product Catalog”,0],”26″: [2,”Chapter 20: Ten Cool HTML Tools”,0],”103″: [3,”Organizing Information”,0],”55″: [3,”(X)HTML’s Component Parts”,0],”38″: [3,”How This Book Is Organized”,0],”12″: [2,”Chapter 9: Using Cascading Style Sheets”,0],”65″: [3,”Before You Get Started”,0],”237″: [3,”Designing Your Auction Page”,0],”73″: [3,”Planning Your Site”,0],”102″: [4,”Horizontal rules”,0],”76″: [4,”Planning outside links”,0],”276″: [4,”Navigating your wild and woolly Web”,0],”178″: [4,”Row spans”,0],”126″: [4,”Controlling image alignment”,0],”97″: [4,”Headings”,0],”89″: [3,”Adding a Document Header”,0],”253″: [3,”HTML Editors”,0],”220″: [3,”Marvelous Miscellany”,0],”212″: [3,”Creating Forms”,0],”58″: [4,”Elements”,0],”247″: [3,”Choosing a Shopping Cart”,0],”146″: [4,”Externalizing style sheets”,0],”114″: [4,”New windows”,0],”217″: [4,”Using CGI scripts and other programs”,0],”205″: [3,”Events and Event Handling”,0],”173″: [4,”Adjusting height and width”,0],”271″: [4,”Make the most from the least”,0],”147″: [3,”Multimedia”,0],”25″: [2,”Part VI: The Part of Tens”,0],”86″: [4,”Adding an XHTML DOCTYPE declaration”,0],”291″: [4,”Use the best tools of the testing trade”,0],”252″: [1,”Part VI: The Part of Tens”,0],”229″: [3,”Marvelous Miscellany”,0],”19″: [2,”Chapter 15: Fun with Client-Side Scripts”,0],”128″: [3,”Images That Link”,0],”155″: [4,”Text”,0],”277″: [3,”Keep It Interesting After It’s Built!”,0],”137″: [4,”Selectors and declarations”,0],”207″: [3,”Marvelous Miscellany”,0],”216″: [3,”Processing Data”,0],”265″: [3,”FTP Clients”,0],”199″: [4,”Operating on expressions”,0],”195″: [3,”Using the Same Script on Multiple Pages”,0],”297″: [1,”Index”,0],”74″: [4,”Mapping your site”,0],”3″: [2,”Chapter 2: Creating and Viewing a Web Page”,0],”240″: [3,”Issues to Consider When Designing Your Site”,0],”134″: [4,”What CSS can do for a Web page”,0],”135″: [4,”What you can do with CSS”,0],”177″: [4,”Column spans”,0],”31″: [2,”Appendix B: Shorthand and Aural CSS Properties”,0],”295″: [4,”If you give to them, they’ll give to you!”,0],”180″: [3,”Testing Your Table”,0],”116″: [4,”Non-HTML resources”,0],”81″: [4,”Moving files to your Web server”,0],”148″: [4,”Visual media styles”,0],”161″: [4,”Positioning”,0],”1″: [2,”Part I: Getting To Know (X)HTML”,0],”62″: [4,”Organizing HTML text”,0],”156″: [4,”Links”,0],”231″: [3,”Overview and Design Considerations”,0],”11″: [2,”Chapter 8: Introducing Cascading Style Sheets”,0],”250″: [4,”Incorporating a PayPal shopping cart”,0],”197″: [4,”Basic syntax rules”,0],”281″: [3,”Avoid Dead Ends and Spelling Faux Pas”,0],”236″: [4,”Looking good”,0],”282″: [4,”Make a list and check it — twice”,0],”30″: [2,”Appendix A: Deprecated (X)HTML Elements and Attributes”,0],”198″: [4,”Variables and data types”,0],”227″: [3,”Displaying Pop-up Windows”,0],”206″: [3,”Document Object Model (DOM)”,0],”115″: [4,”Locations in Web pages”,0]