Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET

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Table of Contents



Who Should Read This Book

The Structure of the Book


Chapter 1. Introduction to Continuous Delivery

What Continuous Delivery Is Not

The Importance of Automation for Continuous Delivery

Why Is Continuous Delivery Needed?

Why Windows Needs Special Treatment

Terminology Used in This Book

Chapter 2. Version Control

Key Version Control Practices

Version Control Technologies

Branching Options

Use NuGet for Dependencies


Chapter 3. Continuous Integration

CI Servers for Windows and .NET

Build Automation

Integrating CI with Version Control and Ticket Tracking

Patterns for CI Across Multiple Teams

Architecture Changes for Better CI


Chapter 4. Deployment Pipelines

Mapping Out a Deployment Pipeline

Tools for Deployment Pipelines

Deployment Techniques

Automated Testing of Database Changes


Chapter 5. Monitoring, Metrics, and APM

Performance Counters Are Insufficient

Record Application Metrics

APM Tools Can Complement Monitoring

Aggregate Application and Windows Event Logs from All Machines


Chapter 6. Infrastructure Automation

Shared Versus Dedicated Infrastructure

Using a Test-First Approach to Infrastructure

Patching and OS Updates


Chapter 7. The Tricky Bits of Continuous Delivery

Organizational Changes

Architectural Changes (SOA/Microservices)

Operational Features


Appendix A. Bibliography

Appendix B. Case Studies

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