FY 2018 Annual Performance Report

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FY 2018 Annual Performance Report FY 2020 Annual Performance Plan

Department of State and USAID Overview

Summary of Key Performance Indicators1

Strategic Goal 1: Protect America's Security at Home and Abroad

Strategic Objective 1.1: Counter the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and their delivery systems

Strategic Objective 1.2: Defeat ISIS, al-Qa’ida and other transnational terrorist organizations, and counter state-sponsored, regional, and local terrorist groups that threaten U.S. national security interests

Strategic Objective 1.3: Counter instability, transnational crime, and violence that threaten U.S. interests by strengthening citizen-responsive governance, security, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law

Strategic Objective 1.4: Increase capacity and strengthen resilience of our partners and allies to deter aggression, coercion, and malign influence by state and non-state actors

Strategic Objective 1.5: Strengthen U.S. border security and protect U.S. citizens abroad

Strategic Goal 2: Renew American's Competitive Advantage for Sustained Economic Growth and job Creation

Strategic Objective 2.1: Promote American prosperity by advancing bilateral relationships and leveraging international institutions and agreements to open markets, secure commercial opportunities, and foster investment and innovation to contribute to U.S. job creation

Strategic Objective 2.2: Promote healthy, educated and productive populations in partner countries to drive inclusive and sustainable development, open new markets and support U.S. prosperity and security objectives

Strategic Objective 2.3: Advance U.S. economic security by ensuring energy security, combating corruption, and promoting market-oriented economic and governance reforms

Strategic Goal 3: Promote American Leadership through Balanced Engagement

Strategic Objective 3.1: Transition nations from assistance recipients to enduring diplomatic, economic, and security partners

Strategic Objective 3.2: Engage international fora to further American values and foreign policy goals while seeking more equitable burden sharing

Strategic Objective 3.3: Increase partnerships with the private sector and civil-society organizations to mobilize support and resources and shape foreign public opinion

Strategic Objective 3.4: Project American values and leadership by preventing the spread of disease and providing humanitarian relief

Strategic Goal 4: Ensure Effectiveness and Accountability to the American Taxpayer

Strategic Objective 4.1: Strengthen the effectiveness and sustainability of our diplomacy and development investments

Strategic Objective 4.2: Provide modern and secure infrastructure and operational capabilities to support effective diplomacy and development

Strategic Objective 4.3: Enhance workforce performance, leadership, engagement, and accountability to execute our mission efficiently and effectively

Strategic Objective 4.4: Strengthen security and safety of workforce and physical assets


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FY 2018 Annual

FY 2020 Annual
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