2015 Annual Report

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GOVERNMENT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA[/desc][img]72433-2015%20Annual%20Report%20FINAL_0.webp[/img][bookmark]{“26″: [1,”Table 27 Summary of Selected Parameters in the Potomac River Watershed”,0],”2″: [1,”Table 3 Agencies Responsible for District MS4 Permit Compliance”,0],”14″: [1,”Table 15 Salt Storage Facilities”,0],”12″: [1,”Table 13 Summary of District Green Roof Installations Completed in FY 2015″,0],”24″: [1,”Table 25 Trash Monitoring Results”,0],”46″: [1,”Figure 12 Example TMDL Inventory”,0],”35″: [1,”Figure 1 Number of Catch Basins Cleaned and Repaired”,0],”23″: [1,”Table 24 Storm Events Sampled”,0],”45″: [1,”Figure 11 Items Collected From All Stations During 2015 Sampling”,0],”40″: [1,”Figure 6 Leaf Collection Trend”,0],”22″: [1,”Table 23 Trash Monitoring Station Information”,0],”37″: [1,”Figure 3 Trend in Plan Review and Approval”,0],”38″: [1,”Figure 4 15-Year Trend in Enforcement Actions”,0],”44″: [1,”Figure 10 District MS4 Monitoring Stations”,0],”10″: [1,”Table 11 Total District Land Area by Watershed”,0],”29″: [1,”Table 30 Precipitation Record for the District of Columbia”,0],”17″: [1,”Table 18 MS4 Outfalls Identified by Watershed”,0],”42″: [1,”Figure 8 Clean Team Service Areas”,0],”33″: [1,”Table 34 Summary of Dry Weather Monitoring (Geometric Mean)”,0],”25″: [1,”Table 26 Annual Pollutant Loading”,0],”36″: [1,”Figure 2 Trend in Floatables Removal Program”,0],”6″: [1,”Table 7 RiverSmart Rewards Accomplishments”,0],”34″: [1,”Table 35 Acres of Existing Land and Water Use by Planning Area”,0],”0″: [1,”Table 1 FY 2016 Budget”,0],”19″: [1,”Table 20 Monitoring Stations and Dates”,0],”13″: [1,”Table 14 DPW Street Sweeping and Debris Collection Activities”,0],”39″: [1,”Figure 5 Known MS4 Outfalls in the District of Columbia”,0],”20″: [1,”Table 21 Ambient Water Quality Data for Wet Weather Sampling”,0],”7″: [1,”Table 8 Pollutant Load and Volume Reduction from Retrofit Projects”,0],”3″: [1,”Table 4 Stormwater Management Program Submittal Dates”,0],”9″: [1,”Table 10 Completed Retrofit Projects in the PROW”,0],”27″: [1,”Table 28 Summary of Selected Parameters in the Anacostia River Watershed”,0],”43″: [1,”Figure 9 Location of New Trash Trap Installation”,0],”31″: [1,”Table 32 Sample Analysis Requirements”,0],”32″: [1,”Table 33 Dry Weather flow Quality Data from Dry Weather Sampling”,0],”21″: [1,”Table 22 Summary of Wet Weather Monitoring”,0],”41″: [1,”Figure 7 Trash Trap Locations and Sewersheds”,0],”28″: [1,”Table 29 Summary of Selected Parameters in the Rock Creek Watershed”,0],”1″: [1,”Table 2 FY 2015 MS4 Program Expenditures by Program”,0],”18″: [1,”Table 19 Annual Trash Load Reductions by Program”,0],”4″: [1,”Table 5 Numeric Performance Standards and Compliance”,0],”11″: [1,”Table 12 FY 2015 Tree Plantings in the District of Columbia”,0],”8″: [1,”Table 9 FY 2015 Retrofit Projects”,0],”15″: [1,”Table 16 Facilities with Individual Permits”,0],”5″: [1,”Table 6 FY 2015 Stormwater Regulation Trainings”,0],”30″: [1,”Table 31 Storm Characteristics”,0],”16″: [1,”Table 17 List of DC Sites with an EPA CERCLIS ID”,0]